October Comp

It’s probably fair to say that October’s aggregate comp was as much about the technology as the waves.

Yes there was swell, but the other factors were slightly less than perfect…and it was bloody cold for October. It seems like winter just won’t go away.

But we did manage to get through all divisions and, importantly, we got to trial LiveHeats.

LiveHeats is the online app that can set up and run comps and, even using our scratch hardware, it proved a great success.

So much so that the committee has decided to take up the option of using LiveHeats in the future and is presently in the process of purchasing the necessary equipment to run it.

The program significantly reduces the time and effort required to set up comps and create the draw, which is particularly good news for Laney and George.

Judges enter scores through tablets linked to the program and, best of all, the “live” bit enables competitors and others to track progressive scores throughout a heat.

Just like the big guys…cool huh?

The program does require club members to set up their own log in for the LiveHeats app so that they can register for a comp.

Presently this needs to be done by the Thursday before each comp, although it may allow for greater flexibility in future.

And of course there will be a flexible approach while we are bedding in the new system.

One surfer who put the new system to the test in the October event was Anita Stewart-Toi who was in great form and took out the Over 35 women and logger division.

To see the results of the October comp and to set up your LiveHeats log in go to: www.liveheats.com.