June Comp

The June round of the aggregate competition proved to be another successful outing that looked slightly iffy to begin with.
Early conditions raised the prospect of a move to Drainos.
But once again contest director Laney, the Svengali of surf, conjured up a round of clean waves and all-day offshores, although he failed with the weather somewhat as the forecast sunshine gave way to chilly and damp conditions.
But as the saying goes  - there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. It’s doubtful that a wet wetsuit qualifies in that regard.
Still it was a fun day with some excellent surfing.
The clean conditions allowed some of the club’s stars to demonstrate their very silky skills, which provided a demonstration of why the club performed so well in the state titles.
Next month is a big one with the aggregate round scheduled for July 1 followed by one of our major fund-raising events, the Winter Classic, on July 22/23.
Make sure you get you entry form in.


  1. Adam Brissenden
  2. Oscar Lalor
  3. Mark Tucker


  1. Anne Stephenso
  2. Jessie Muir
  3. Jo Cole
  4. Joanne Humphries


  1. Tom Hicks
  2. Billy Whitton
  3. Gary Pond
  4. Rocket Lawrence


  1. Anita Stewart Toi
  2. Heidi Atkins
  3. Sarah Reid
  4. Lissie Doyle
  5. Penny Andrews

OVER 40:

  1. Phil Roache
  2. Jason Simpson

OVER 45:

  1. Paul Sgouromallis
  2. Yestin Griffiths
  3. Gus Cullen-Ward
  4. Clinton Toi

OVER 50:

  1. Dave Edwards
  2. Brett Lalor
  3. Steve Kernaghan
  4. Boo Lalor

OVER 55:

  1. John Lane
  2. Brian Kuit
  3. Glenn Hunwick
  4. Andy Brown
  5. Dean Kent

OVER 60:

  1. Bud White
  2. Al Spence
  3. Stui Hawken
  4. Shane Castleman
  5. Freddie Moutray

OVER 65:

  1. Bob smith
  2. Herb


  1. Hugh Taylor
  2. Riley Taylor