July Comp

Crisp is the word that probably best sums up conditions that greeted surfers for Saturday’s July aggregate competition.

When I backed out of the garage at home the temperature gauge, was showing 13 degrees, but by the time I reached Possos it had shed 12 of them and, no doubt, would have continued heading south if I hadn’t turned the engine off.

Aside from the temperature, however, it was a picture postcard morning – sunshine, a light offshore and swell; beautiful, clean lines in the 2-3 foot range. A perfect winter’s day.

True, the swell became a little smaller and less consistent as the day wore on, but most rounds enjoyed some decent waves – no small achievement over about 8 hours of competition.

Naturally there were some standout performances – Bob Smith dominated the over 65s – and some close results – Dave Edwards pipping Brett Lalor in the over 50s on a countback.

And the Open final delivered some excellent surfing with the eventual winner, Liam Griggs-Kennelly scoring in the 8s for two waves from all three judges.
Special thanks go to Phil Roache for providing extra warmth with some mobile heating.

Hopefully Saturday’s outing provided an opportunity for surfers to hone their competitive skills before the big outing in a couple of weeks – THE WINTER CLASSIC.

THE WINTER CLASSIC is on 22 and 23 July  - be there or be square.


  1. Liam Griggs-Kennelly
  2. Billy Whitton
  3. John Lane
  4. Matty Wright


  1. Angela King
  2. Anne Stephenson
  3. Mel Renton-Wright


  1. Billy Whitton
  2. Dave Edwards
  3. Andy Brown
  4. Gary Pond


  1. Sarah Reid
  2. Mel Renton-Wright
  3. Nikki Griffiths
  4. Penny Andrews

OVER 40:

  1. Matty Wright
  2. Phil Roache
  3. Adrian Rudov
  4. Grant Matthews

OVER 45:

  1. Paul Sgouromallis
  2. Gus Cullen-Ward
  3. Yestin Griffiths

OVER 50:

  1. Dave Edwards
  2. Brett Lalor
  3. Chris Hanrahan
  4. Grant Matthews

OVER 55:

  1. John Lane
  2. Glenn Hunwick
  3. Dean Kent
  4. Andy Brown

OVER 60:

  1. Bud White
  2. Al Spence
  3. Stui Hawken
  4. Shane Castleman

OVER 65:

  1. Bob Smith


  1. Riley Taylor
  2. Hugh Taylor