VP Freddie stealing the show in Shane's absence










February Comp

Comp 1 starts with a bang and finishes with a whimper!

Our first comp of the year got under way on Saturday 4 Feb with near perfect offshore 2-3 foot peelers, a light offshore breeze and a magic sunrise.  It was busier than the Woolies car park in January with 53 competitors and 27 heats run.  The last of us drove away after 6.00 pm!!!  It was great to catch up with the regular crew and to welcome a bus load of new members, especially in the "younger" divisions.  Unfortunately, the conditions deteriorated throughout the day, as the wind first went to the east late morning and then swung right around to the south-west by late afternoon.  Despite this, a great day was had by all.

Glenn's (& helpers) excellent footage of the day can be viewed below.

The results of the day were:

1 Robbie Emslie
2 John Lane
3 Brian Kuit
4 Liam Griggs-Kennelly

1 Tom Hicks
2 Dave Edwards
3 Yestin Griffiths

1 Angela King
2 Anne Stephenson
3 Mel Renton-Wright
4 Skye Hueneke

0/35 Women
1 Anne Stephenson
2 Boo Lalor
3 Mel Renton-Wright
4 Sarah Reid

0/40 Men
1 Adrian Rudolph
2 Jason Simpson
3 Phil Roache
4 Matty Wright

0/45 Men
1 Paul Sgouromallis
2 Yestin Griffiths
3 Scott Taylor
4 Gus Cullenward    

0/50 Men
1 Noel Shanhun
2 Dave Edwards
3 Brett Lalor
4 Chris Hanrahan

0/55 Men
1 Brian Kuit
2 Glen Hunwick
3 John Lane
4 Andy Brown

0/60 Men
1 Al Spence
2 Bud White
3 Freddy Moutray
4 Stui Hawken

0/65 Men
1 Bob Smith
2 Col McGowan

1 Hugh Taylor