We had the opportunity to present a cheque ($2,080.80) to Bethany from the proceeds of WWOW.










April Comp

The forecast was big and wild, and there was some doubt whether we would run or not, but thanks to some good thinking by our ever reliable contest director, Laney, everyone got a great surf in beautiful offshore conditions at our April comp.  That thinking included a call for early registrations, via email a few days before (now to be a regular thing), and a limit of one division per person so we could get through the program before the storm hit.  It worked, so well done all! 

Most importantly, we had the opportunity to present a cheque ($2,080.80) to Bethany from the proceeds of WWOW.  A great outcome from another terrific day to a really important family service in our region.

The results of the day were:


  1. Oscar Lalor
  2. Matty Wright
  3. Chris Hanrahan
  4. Mark Tucker
  5. Tom Hicks
  1. Tom Hicks
  2. Matt Hayes
  3. Dave Edwards
  4. Andy Brown
  5. Jason Simpson
  1. Jessi Muir
  2. Mel Renton-Wright
  3. Lissie Doyle
O/35 Women
  1. Anita Stewart
  2. Penny Andrews
  3. Lissie Doyle
  4. Boo Lalor
O/40 Men
  1. Matty Wright
  2. Adrian Rudov
  3. Jason Simpson
O/45 Men
  1. Yestin Griffiths
  2. Mitch Knapton
O/50 Men
  1. Brett Lalor
  2. Chris Hanrahan
  3. Dave Edwards
O/55 Men
  1. Brian Kuit
  2. John Lane
  3. Larry Hayes
  4. Glen Hunwick
O/60 Men
  1. Bud White
  2. Brett Stammers
  3. Al Spence
  4. Shane Castleman
  5. Stui Hawken
O/65 Men
  1. Nigel Kidd
  2. Bob Smith
  3. Col Pearson